Adoration is essentially an embrace with Jesus in which I say to him:

"I am yours, and I ask you, please stay with me always"

                               Pope Benedict XVI






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Eucharistic Adoration  John Paul II

Lord Jesus!


We come before you knowing that you call on us as we are.

"You have the words of eternal life and we have believed and known that you are the Son of God" (Jn.6,69).

Your presence in the Eucharist began with the sacrifice of the Last Supper and continues as communion and donation of whatever you are.

Increase our faith.


Through you and the Holy Spirit to communicate to us, we come to the Father to say YES attached to yours.


You and we can say: Our Father.


Following you, "way, truth and life," want to penetrate the apparent "silence" and "absence" of God, ripping the cloud of Tabor to hear voice of the Father tell us: "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased: Listen to him" (Mt. 17,5).


With this faith, made of contemplative listening, we shall illuminate our personal situations and the various sectors of family and social life.


You are our hope, our peace. our Mediator, brother and friend.


Our hearts are filled with joy and hope in knowing that you live "forever interceding for us" (heb. 7:25).


Our hope translates into trust, joy of Easter and hurried way to the Father.


We want to feel like you and value things as you value yourself. Because you are the center, the beginniing and the end of everything.


Suported by this hope, we want to instill in the world this scale of evangelical values by which GOD and his salvific gifts occupy the first place in the hearts and attitudes of real life.


We LOVE LIKE YOU, who give life and you communicate with all that you are.


We would like to say St. Paul: "My life is Christ" (Phil 1:21).


Our life is meaningless without you.


We learn to "be with we know loves us" because  "with such a good friend can be present all suffer." In you learn to join the Father, because in prayer "love is the speaker" (Sta. Teresa).


Entering your privacy, we take measurements and basic attitudes, lasting decisions, fundamental choices in our own Christian vocation.


BELIEVING, HOPING AND LOVING, we  adore you with a simple attitude of presence, silence and waiting, who wants to be also repair response to your words: "Stay here and watch with me" (Mt. 26:38).


You overcome the poverty of our thoughts, feelings and words; so we want to learn admiring the mystery, loving it as it is, and silence with silence friend and a presence donation.

The Holy Spirit has poured into our hearts helpsus to say these "unspeakable groans" (Rom. 8:26) which translates into simple and grateful attitude and gesture subsidiary of whom longer satisfied with only your presence, your love and your word.


In our physical and moral nights if you are present, and love us, and you talk to us, and we shall be satisfied, but often do not feel the consolation.


Learning this beyond workship, we are on your provacy or "mystery."


Then our prayer will become respect for the "mystery" of each brother and of each event to insert ourselves in our  family and social environment and to build history with this active and fruitful silence born of contemplation.


Thanks to you, our ability to silence ans adoration will become able to love and serve.


You have given us your Mother as ours to teach us to meditate and workship in the heart. She, receiving the Word and putting it into practice, It was the most perfect mother.


Help us to be your missionary church which knows how to meditate by adoring and loving your Word, to transform it into life and communicate it to all the brothers.



John Paul II



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